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Here's the Fact of Car Insurance that You Must Know

The increasing level of living standards of the people, especially in urban areas, makes the demand for car purchases and insurance also increase.
It is not wrong to interpret that a car is one of the dreams of many people. This makes the car a very valuable vehicle and must be maintained properly. The price is quite expensive, certainly makes everyone not want bad things to happen to the car they have.
Therefore, it is very important to have vehicle insurance on new cars. Unfortunately, not many people know the benefits of new car insurance. This is due to a lack of information about insurance benefits on the new car that you have.
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Here's the Fact of Car Insurance that You Must Know

Sometimes insurance that is obtained when owning a new car, is insurance offered by an insurance company that has worked with the car company. So that car owners do not understand the advantages and benefits of insurance they have.
Not a few who let car companies or car leases to choose which insurance company will be in charge of their car. In fact, it is very important to understand carefully the insurance for new cars that will be used.

If someone has car insurance, he will get some benefits. Submission of insurance is now easier because it can be done online.
The first benefit of car insurance is of course minimizing the loss of the car owner. For example, if an accident occurs that causes light or heavy damage, the car is lost due to theft, natural disasters, and much more. When using all risk insurance, it will provide overall protection for the car.
Some all risk insurance providers are one of the biggest benefits for insurance owners, namely their status as insured. With this status, the financial position of the insurance owner can return when a loss occurs, "he said.

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The next benefit is that insurance owners can be more calm because they have collateral in the event of an accident or other disaster in the car. Having insurance is the same as transferring the risk of the car owner to the chosen insurance company.
"By paying premiums to insurance companies, car owners can transfer the risk of car protection guarantees to the insurance company of their choice," he explained

There are two types of insurance that can be chosen by new car owners; All risk insurance or comprehensive and TLO. For all risk or comprehensive insurance, the company will pay claims for all types of damage, ranging from minor damage, severe damage, to loss.
For example, the car is hit by public transportation, the damage is minor which makes the car less comfortable to look at. In this case, claims can be made if the insurance owned is comprehensive insurance.
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Whereas for Total Lost Only (TLO) insurance, it only guarantees risks due to theft and damage if the repair cost is estimated to equal to or exceed 75 percent of the vehicle price just before the loss. Total Lost Only (TLO) insurance is chosen because the premium price is relatively cheaper than all risk insurance. With a low premium fee, you can divert funds available for other needs such as vehicle maintenance costs.

Basically, insurance frees you from the extra costs that must be incurred when there is damage to the car. Imagine if you don't have insurance, when the car is damaged, you have to spend personal funds to replace the parts.
Car insurance is not only useful for insurance owners and car drivers only. There is also a choice of coverage that can cover the damage to another driver's car due to your negligence, so you do not need to panic and dizzy because the damage will be compensated by the insurance.

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