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Why Is It Prohibited To Use Cellphones At Gas Stations ??? This Is The Explanation

If you refuel at a gas station, of course you are no stranger to pictures of cigarettes, cellphones and cameras that are crossed out. Yes, the picture is a prohibition at the gas station.
The ban is intended for consumers or buyers who want to refuel. Related to that, many CCTV video recordings were circulating where an explosion occurred from a car or motorbike and allegedly because the vehicle user was playing his cellphone. Is it true that cellphones can trigger explosions when refueling?
Texas gas station manager in Texas, Mike Reading, said mobile phones could indeed trigger sparks which would cause explosions when refueling.
"The cellphone has a signal, the signal is the transmission of air. When filling fuel, there is gas vapor, usually when the steam and the signal go in together, the signal can send fire, so there is a spark," Mike said.
 Picture by Pexels

The man who was previously responsible for managing Shell at the Texas gas station, explained that the potential for a gas station explosion could be even greater when we pick up the telephone in the area near the fuel pump.
"Indeed, it is strictly prohibited in mobile gas stations because there are many instances where we keep picking up the phone. There are usually incoming signals, and the fuel vapor goes into the car, when it comes in, it will cause a spark and then explode," he said.
"So when refueling, you can't play cellphones and pick up the phone," he continued.

 Picture by Pexels

Meanwhile, Unit Manager Communication & CSR MOR III, Shaden Nisa, said there were several studies conducted related to the influence of mobile phones as a source of explosions or fires at gas stations.
"From a number of research journals, it was stated that cellphones were not explosive so that they could allow vapors from combustible fuels to enter the cellphone, where there was enough electricity inside the HP as a source of sparks," said the woman who was familiarly called Nisa, through short message.
Another reason why cellphones are prohibited is because cellphone signals are irregular and cannot be controlled because they are in the air.
"This can trigger ion electrons that can produce sparks, resulting in a heat source. Third, the battery on the HP can generate enough heat to initiate fire," he said.
However, according to him, all these conditions can occur if there is a source of heat, air and fuel vapor has a composition that fits so that sparks arise.

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