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How To Prevent Fire In Your Car?? See The Explanation

Routinely checking the condition of the vehicle regularly is one way to keep the car excellent. However, despite diligently checking and maintaining the vehicle, humans will never know when a disaster will come. One of them, is a car that suddenly caught fire when on the road. Ironically, it's not just old cars, but many new car releases also experience this.
Actually, many factors can trigger a fire in a car. For example, such as transporting hazardous materials, modifying cars that involve electrical systems and so on. Then, how to overcome it if it happens? Here's a simple way and tips.

1. To prevent fire in a car, concentrate when driving
When on the road, it needs full concentration to recognize danger signs quickly. For example, such as rapid changes in fuel level and a drastic increase in engine temperature.

2. Immediately check the car when a problem occurs on the way
If there is a leak that causes the car to run improperly, immediately check to minimize the risk of fire. Check for damaged or loose cables, then check oil and other liquids to prevent leakage.
However, when you stop to check, find a place that is crowded and lots of lighting at night. And if you bring fuel, it's better to put it in a closed container and just open the car window.

3. Don't park carelessly and bring sharp objects
In parking a car, do not park it in a flammable place. Then, there's nothing wrong with storing a knife in the car drawer. Because, these items can act immediately if there are passengers trapped by seat belts.

4. How to handle it, don't panic and stay calm
Well, if you happen to encounter a burning car situation, the first step to do is to stay calm and not panic. Because, without panic, it will act immediately which should be done as soon as possible. Then if possible, immediately turn the vehicle to a safe place. And this is often overlooked, forget to turn off the car engine. From now on, don't forget to turn off the car engine and unplug the key from the socket. Then, go around approximately 50 meters if you experience this, huh!

5. Intend to help trapped passengers? Pay attention to this point!
If you intend to help passengers in the car, make sure the body of the person who will save is outside. After all get out of the car, immediately move away from the fire location and find a safe place. If it is still safe, try opening the hood and pulling out one of the battery heads from the valve to cut off the electricity.
Alternatively, use a cloth if you want to break it by force. Because, usually this part will increase the temperature.

6. Extinguish fire with APAR available in the car
If a car is available or a fire extinguisher is usually called APAR, spray it into the fire source. Don't forget to ask for help from the damkar and the medical staff immediately if someone or someone is injured.

7. Don't be desperate to save goods, even if it's a valuable item
Remember! Don't try to extinguish the already big fire. Because, only intend to take valuables left in the car. Life is far more important than valuables left in the car!

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