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Avoid Theft In Cars. This Following Tips And Tricks

Did you know if a professional thief can steal items in your car within 20 seconds.
According to a former thief, he and his colleagues had to act very quickly, because they remembered that since they broke someone's window, someone nearby had talked on the phone with the police.
They not only target parked cars for a long time, but also cars whose owners stop for a few minutes or even a few seconds to deliver something.
If you don't want to be a victim of theft, launches from, 6 ways to protect cars from theft.

1. Place the most valuable items in the trunk.
Thieves have little time to steal so they almost never open the trunk.
They will steal anything that looks valuable from the car, but never carry luggage.
That is why it would be very wise for you to store valuables there, such as luggage, coats or even personal bags.

2. Always park where there are lights around.
Now, it's pretty clear why parking a car in a dark place can be dangerous.
The former thief said that he and his colleagues never broke into a parked car in places that were bright enough, but only to cars parked somewhere in the dark.
You must always choose a place that has light to ensure that all types of evil will be seen by someone.

3. Hide valuables under the car seat.
If you don't want to leave your personal bag in a visible place and can't put it in the trunk, you can put it under the seat.
Most thieves will peek at the car before breaking into it and if they don't see anything they like, they might move.
They will not risk getting caught just to see if you are hiding something valuable under your car seat.

4. Never leave documents with personal information in the car.
If a thief gets into a car and finds nothing but paper with your name and address, they might think about visiting now because they know that you are not home.
Even if other people stay at home with you, you have become the target of thieves, who will wait until everyone leaves.

5. Install the motion sensor lights outside the house
It's true that electricity bills will be slightly higher than usual, but these lights really work.
Most thieves will continue to run if they see the motion sensor lights outside the house that throw light right at the parked car.
However, you must ensure that the lights are placed in a high place, so that the thief cannot reach them.
When they are placed at a point that is too low, the thief just needs to open the bulb's lid and continue their crime.

6. Don't save money in the car
Most people like to keep coins or paper money in their cars for emergencies.
When your money is seen, it's like inviting a thief openly to get into a car.

If you still want to save money in the car, look for the safest place.
The ashtrays and mirrors at the front are the 2 best hiding places.

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