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10 Hidden Benefits in the Car Insurance Policy. You May Not Realize!

Ready to use insurance for your favorite car? Let's insure safe and reliable with RaksaOnline? Use vehicle insurance according to your abilities and needs, because the more you want to be protected, the more prepared the costs. Therefore, using vehicle insurance wisely. In order to ensure the safety and comfort of your driving, through protection provided by premium-class Car Insurance, there are hidden benefits in car insurance policies that you may not realize.

In vehicle insurance there are 2 types of protection provided by the insurance namely Total Loss Only which means guaranteeing the risk of theft and damage if the repair costs are estimated to be equal to or exceed 75% of the vehicle price just before the loss and Comprehensive guarantees risk due to partial loss / damage ( partial loss) and overall (total loss) caused by all risks insofar as they are not excluded in the policy.
Because many vehicle owners do not know at all about the existence of benefits such as discounts at several agencies that work with insurance. Maybe you are one of the few people who behave like that. If so, then you can read more about some of the hidden benefits that are in your insurance policy.

Power cover insurance coverage
Many people only think that the insurance will only cover losses that might befall the car just because of an accident. Though there are many causes of damage or other losses that will still be borne by the insurance. For example, the risk of vehicles being damaged due to floods, earthquakes, landslides, being struck by lightning, or other disasters.

Free of cost of car towing
Maybe you often drive during rush hours, especially on highways or in areas that are quite crowded, but it is difficult to find workshops or mechanics who can repair damaged cars. Or maybe you keep your mechanic's number or workshop that is located quite far from the location of your damaged car.

Free administration fees for extending insurance policies
In some insurance companies, most of the process of managing vehicle insurance is quite time consuming and labor intensive. What is not widely known by insurance owners or prospective customers of insurance is that we can apply for a new insurance policy or extend the insurance policy online.

Discount for third party coverage
If you have all risk insurance with the expansion of third party coverage, the insurance company will make compensation suffered by other drivers who have an accident where the cause of the accident is your fault.

Insurance for additional accessories on the car
Ordinary car insurance will only cover the damage that is in the car alone and does not guarantee damage that might also be related to the accessories in the car damaged by the accident. If at the time you apply for your vehicle insurance propose an extension of everything including to cover the damage to car accessories, of course the insurance will cover the damage to the accessories in the car.
There is a party that helps take care of damage for 24 hours. The insurer will provide people who can serve and help you for a full twenty-four hours for seven days when maybe your vehicle is in the middle of an accident.

Overcoming price decline
The older a vehicle is, the selling price will decrease. Expansion of insurance that overcomes the decline in prices will guarantee a change in the part of the car that has decreased in price due to damage.

Engine protection
Maybe the car has suffered damage such as an oil leak or an engine that has been damaged by water. All risk comperhensive insurance will guarantee such damage by making repairs.

Coverage for the driver
The insurance company will also incur losses regarding the driver who has been injured or disabled even death caused by an accident.

Cut taxes
The car used for business will reduce the tax that must be paid by the business owner. Of course the car must be under the name of the business owner.

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