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Driving Tips At Night. See The Eplanation

Driving at night is a profitable choice for some people. They reason, driving at night is faster because the road conditions are deserted.

However, not a few are also lazy to drive at night, because they already feel tired after daily activities. Relation to visibility and focus of the eye.
However, driving at night is inevitable. Especially if it's indeed a necessity or a job demand.
The case of driving at night, makes the Wuling Motors site provide tips, so that the trip at night is safe and smooth.

The following tips
1. Before leaving, make sure the condition of the car is good, especially the lighting system aka lights. Check the turn signal, brake lights and car headlights. If there is one lamp that does not work, immediately correct it. Remember, car lights are vital for night trips.
2. Make sure your body is fit and sleep enough. Take the time to take a nap to taste.
3. Bring a friend and try not to be alone in the car so that you have friends to chase sleep. Thankfully your friends are also adept at driving a car so they can drive alternately.
4. Be sure to understand the route to be traveled.
5. If it is the first time through the route to be passed, move the car at a reasonable speed. Speeding on the road that has been passed for the first time is very risky. We do not understand the location of slopes, derivatives, bends, potholes, and so on.
6. If while driving and sleepy, do a treatment that can relieve drowsiness.
7. Use remote lights as needed. The use of lights is very very sensitive for motorists from the opposite direction.
8. Road conditions at night are usually relatively quiet, but should not be careless and pay less attention to the surroundings.
9. Be aware that other road users may behave erratically, so be prepared to give more space for them.
10. If you travel far, stop regularly every 2 hours to rest your eyes.
11. Take care of the ethics and rules of driving on the highway.
12. If you travel frequently at night, check your eye health regularly

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