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Toyota Recall Hybrid Cars On The Market. This Is The Cause

Toyota forced to pull hybrid cars from the market due to engine cable problems. Starting to produce hybrid cars since 2015, it was noted that Toyota had to pull (recall) around 1.03 million hybrid cars, including the Prius, Prius PHV (plug-in hybrid), and C-HR.

So far, 217,000 hybrid cars have been sold in North America and 219,000 in Europe. While almost half of the population affected, around 554,000, units are in Japan.
Quoting Autoevolution, this withdrawal is done because of a problem with the cable on the machine which can cause a fire risk. Toyota explained that if the wire harness connected to the hybrid power control unit can come in contact with the cover at the connection point.
If dust accumulates on the cable harness or cover, the insulation on the cable can gradually be reduced due to the vibration of the vehicle. This can cause electrical short circuit, which can generate heat and cause a risk of fire.

In addition to these three models, the problem is also experienced in the Lexus LC 500h due to software problems in hybrid system computers. As a result this condition can cause the warning light to turn on and the hybrid system to die.

So far, Toyota has not yet been informed of the death toll from the problem. To overcome this, the Japanese manufacturer has announced that the dealer will add protective materials to the engine room to avoid the risk of lack of electrical power.

Meanwhile other Japanese manufacturers, namely Honda. PT Honda revealed, do not want to rush to play on hybrid or electric cars. In this case, the Japanese manufacturer prefers to wait for the rules to be issued by the government in various countries.

"If asked whether they are ready or not, they must be prepared because the direction of the government is clear. But, when are we ready, we are monitors.
Furthermore, so far Honda has not had a concrete plan regarding this. But it still studies, even though it already has the technology.

"Ready or not need to be learned from the government (the rules) like what.

Honda itself already has several hybrid models such as the HR-V hybrid or the CR-V Hybrid which recently rolled in Japan. There is also a Jazz hybrid that has been marketed in Malaysia.

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